Vertical Blade Classifiers (VBC)

Advanced Classification Technology Ideal for Fine Grinding Powder Applications

The Bradley Vertical Blade Classifier (VBC) is designed to separate extremely fine powders direct from any airswept mill. Dynamic classifiers such as the VBC, provide wide flexibility of operation by allowing for instant adjustment of particle separation ranges.

How It Works


This dynamic classifying technology utilizes vertical oriented blades and a separator rotor to create a vortex, spinning the passing air and throwing coarse particles out to the sides of the mill, where they fall back into the grinding zone. Desired fine particles are carried out through the separator rotor,  and up to the cyclone or bag filter collector.

The separator rotor speed can be altered using an inverter to adjust the size of the fine particles delivered to the cyclone.

Performance Features


While the VBC Classifier was developed for use in Bradley’s own mill circuits, it is readily adaptable to any air-swept system.  It has been successfully incorporated into many other  pendulum mills, ball mills, table and roller mills, and air classifier systems.  The VBC’s simple, rugged design ensures:

  • Clean cuts with no air purge or complex labyrinths
  • Size control simply by adjusting rotor speed
  • Simplified design – No internal vanes or dampers
  • Simple maintenance – blade change on-site with no re-balancing
  • Efficient stripping of fines, to maximize performance.
  • Reliable and consistent operation
  • Particle top size cuts of up to 250 microns

Bradley provides technical support, with full spares and service back-up to ensure continuous high performance. The VBC Classifier technology is also utilized in the Bradley Windsifter, a stand-alone air classifier designed to separate coarse and fine particles simultaneously.

VBC Classifier-with guard

Uses of Bradley Vertical Blade Classifiers


Bradley VBC Classifiers are a versatile technology and have been used in various industries with fine grinding applications. Bradley VBC Classifiers are running successfully in many countries around the world.

  • Oil industry
  • Fertilizer industry
  • Mining industries
  • Power Generation
  • Paint manufacture
  • Cement industry
  • Marble quarrying and processing
  • Glass and ceramics

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